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Quick Restaurant website templates

Kehorne were approached by a local restaurant chain with three locations to build a new website to replace it’s existing site. The brief was to modernise the look and feel, make it easier to manage and to improve its responsiveness, particularly on mobile, which is how the majority of their customers connect.  The new site also needed to allow customers to place orders and make payments online, functionality which the previous site did not have, to help to evolve their takeaway offering.

To meet their objectives, Quick Restaurant website templates were used as the basis for the new site. Versatile and responsive, these templates have been built specifically for the restaurant sector, looking to improve their online presence without having to start from scratch. They are quick to set up and leave the client with a lot of control over how the site operates – being able to update all of the content and menus quickly and easily.

Given the difficult trading environment that the new website was launched under, the ability to allow existing customers to be able to collect and order for delivery online has been invaluable in keeping the business running, and more importantly, allowed them to attract new customers whilst having control of the price of their delivery fees.

The template which was used is designed for restaurants with multiple locations, and features landing pages for each location, dynamic menus with filters (i.e. Vegetarian, contains cheese etc), which can be different or the same for each restaurant. It is image driven and fully responsive, so looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop.

Technical Details

The site is built using WordPress with one of our custom ‘Quick Restaurant’ themes and uses a customised plugin inside WooCommerce for the collection/delivery part of the site. The client has used Stripe as the payment gateway, reducing the amount of fees that they would incur using either a delivery app or a more consumer driven payment method. The whole project was completed from start to launch in 8 weeks, and the client is paying in instalments to help ease the financial burden on them. It is hosted on our superfast cloud hosting and includes regular checking and site updating.

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